Finding Hidden Treasures At Market Stalls

The whole unique idea behind Trash & Treasure markets, is to bring private buyers, sellers and swappers together at a venue, run by a well organised team of experienced staff, enabling them to deal with each other in an attractive and vibrant market atmosphere.

Those wishing to participate, simply bundle up their unwanted goods, crafts, hobbies or whatever, load up the car and drive to the market.You can hire a table if required, set up a stall, commence selling, and start making money!

The hardest part is getting out of bed early on Sunday mornings! A market stall is a simple and safer alternative to a home garage sale.

Gates open to stall holders nice and early, allowing ample time to set up shop in readiness for the onslaught of buyers, eager to purchase, barter and haggle over goods being offered for sale.

There are no social class barriers at a Trash & Treasure market, which is witness to a wide variety of multicultural sellers.

From the average Mums and Dads with their stall selling garage sale type bits and pieces, the ethnic fruit and veg stall vendor, the art and craft type stall, as well as the ‘upmarket’ people specialising in new goods, ranging from chic clothing, bric a brac, shoes, glassware, furniture, toys, moccasin slippers, electrical goods, and so on.

At 8.00 am, the gates open to thousands of buyers, keen to take advantage of the hundreds of bargains to be found at the market.

Perhaps they are hunting for that certain something, or to just simply browse away the hours.

Whatever the case, people just love our Trash & Treasure markets selling second hand goods, new goods, antiques and collectables, furniture, plants, goldfish, fruit and vegetables, tools, and lots more, too numerous to mention. A unique, interesting, exciting and unusual family outing.

8 Best Local Selling Apps

Markets are so popular today there are Apps to assist you buy and sell.

These local selling apps have finally made it quick and easy to sell and buy stuff in your own neighborhood. In less than a minute you can list an item and get one step closer to making some cash and clearing out items you no longer want.

With these selling apps, you’ll just need to take a photo of the item you want to sell, set your price, write a short description, and pick a category. Buyers can contact you inside the app and you can set up a time to meet and get paid. Some of these apps even let you take payment right inside the app.

Once you’ve chosen a selling app that has the features you like, take a look and see how many items are listed in your local area. There are probably a few apps that are most popular where you are which means you’ll get the widest audience for the items you’re selling.

Remember that when you are selling or buying through these local apps that you meet at a public area that you feel comfortable with. There’s no reason to risk your safety when you’re selling your stuff.

1. LetGo

LetGo App

Letgo is the most popular local selling app on this list, and it rightfully should be because it is incredibly easy to use and you can literally have an item up for sale in less than a minute.

Snap a picture of what you’d like to sell, set a price you’d like to sell it for, and then choose a category that it best fits into.

You can stop there or you can add some additional details like a title (which Letgo does a pretty job of giving you an automatic title based on your photo) and a description. 

You also have the option of changing your price and location and sharing the item you’d like to sell on Facebook.

Potential buyers can contact you through the Letgo app chat feature to ask questions or agree to buy. The only downfall is that there aren’t any transactions made through the app, you’ll have to figure that out between you and the buyer.

OfferUp is another one of the more popular selling apps, walking you through four easy steps to sell your stuff to people near you.

Take 1-4 photos and enter a title for what you’re selling, chose a category and item condition and enter an optional description, set your price, and then verify your location and optionally share your listing to Facebook.

Notifications let you know when someone is interested, making it easy to keep track of everything. Once you find an interested buyer, agree on a place to meet and figure out how you’ll get paid.

OfferUp App for iOS
OfferUp App for Android

3. 5miles


5miles is another great local selling app that will help you old treasures become someone’s new treasures.

You’ll need to add at least one photo of the item you are selling (you can add more), choose the category your item best fits into, and upload an optional video.

You can enter a description, price, and choose your location before posting. Once it’s posted you can choose to share your listing on Facebook or Twitter.

5miles takes their selling app a step further than the others, allowing users to also list garage sales, local services, housing, and even jobs.

There’s also the ability for the buyer to pay you through 5miles Wallet, using their debit or credit card or you can choose to exchange payment the traditional way.

5miles App for iOS
5miles App for Android

4. Blinker


If you’re looking for a selling app to sell your car, Blinker is heads above the rest of the apps.

To get started, you simply take a photo of the back of your car and Blinker fills in all your vehicle details including make model, engine, transmission, color, and even the BlackBook value. 

Set your price, write a description, and you’re all ready to list your car for sale.

Interested buyers can set up test drives, negotiate, and even pay right through the Blinker app.

Blinker App for iOS
Blinker App for Android

5. Facebook Marketplace

facebook marketplace app

Facebook Marketplace is part of the Facebook app, making it the most convenient selling app since you probably already have the Facebook app. Here are some tips on hosting a great Facebook garage sale.

You’ll need to click on the shop icon at the bottom of your Facebook app to access the shop.

Selling is just as easy as it is with the other selling apps. Snap a photo and then enter the item name, description, and price. You then confirm your location and choose a category before posting.

You can choose to post it to all of the local Marketplace audience or specific buy and sell groups that you belong to.

Trove is a selling app that focuses on selling and buying used or new furniture in your own town or area.

To put a piece of your furniture up for sale, take a photo and then choose a category it best fits into. ​Add a title and a description and then it’s time to get into the details.

You can list without any details but chances are that someone buying furniture is going to want some more information before they buy. Trove makes this easy by setting up fields for you to list the condition, depth, height, width, and brand. 

You’ll need to sign-in with Google or Facebook before you are allowed to complete your listing at Trove.


The selling app VarageSale makes it easy and quick to sell and buy items in your neighborhood.

It only takes a few minutes to put an item up for sale. You’ll need a title, description, price, and a category.

Facebook sign-in is required at VarageSale and admins will make sure you have a real name and profile photo before your listing becomes active.


Shpock is a selling app who’s motto is “The boot sale app for beautiful things” that focuses on selling great looking used goods near you.

Listing an item is very easy here, you’ll need a title, description, category, and price. You can share your listing on Facebook as well.

Shpock is free but they have a premium membership that gets rid of ads, lets you add more photos, and the ability to move your listings to the top of search results.