Clear Your Mind, Clean Your Closet!

There have been times in my past where I felt stuck. Have you been there? Knowing you want to accomplish something new, ready to accept new challenges and changes in your life.

Where do I start? It’s a recurrent mantra as we decide to intend change, to manifest a new life, the life we deserve. But where do we begin? Life continues to swirl around us, transition and change is the common theme and all we seek is clarity in all of the turmoil.

Find your sacred space, clean your closet! Whenever we are faced with change and transition it is normal that some part of us has been accumulating piles of our negative energy along the way. In my own home, I have found solace in cleaning out the closet, it is where I found clarity.

It’s important that we find our pivot point when going through a transition. The closet holds such “treasures”, items that anchor us to our past. Most often these treasures; are our personal balls and chains. We all have real treasures from our past; they are attached securely to our walls as trophies of our past accomplishments. Our real treasures may be our diplomas, our medals, or our family photos. What we find in our closets are those things that most often have anchored us to the negative aspects of our past.

Pull everything out all at once; as you do you will realize that there are many items that will go directly to the trash. There will be items that may need to be returned to an ex spouse or partner, so they may have the pleasure of securing the items in their closet! The simple act of pulling everything out and seeing that open space is somehow incredibly liberating.

If you want something new in your life whether it is a relationship or a physical item, create the space for it to come in. If you have a dilapidated old couch and you desire a new one, chances are you will need to make the space for something new by removing the old from your world.

Indeed the process carries far beyond material things. Sometimes we need to assess our personal relationships along the way. Where do you want to be? What do you want to be doing with your life? What is your passion? Do the people around you support the ideal you hold for yourself? Perhaps it’s time to recycle the people around us and begin to bring in something or somebody new. Too often we are only stuck by our attachment to our past.

Begin with your closet, it represents your past. Begin there and find your sacred ground. Your sacred ground is your starting point, it is the point of peace, love and joy, it is where you will begin to find clarity. Beginning there you will find it much easier to affect change in all aspects of your life.

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